SMARTer Targets.

So it’s that time of year. Time to look ahead and organise your learning plans for the next 12 months. As part of our Organise Your Learning series firstly we’re looking at SMART Targets.

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Why are SMARTer targets a key part of goal setting?

Well if you think about your goals as the overall aims, then your targets are the specific things that you need to get there.

Say you’re a parent of a student in school, that needs help doing their homework. Your Goal might be to help them with their homework. But that’s a bit vague. What do you mean by help? Will you be working with them, or is it time to hire a tutor, do they need subject knowledge, or is it space and time they’re struggling for? Do they struggle to stay on track, is procrastination their issue, or is it getting organised enough to get things to and from home and school?

Or are you a home educator, so your goal is to get them through another year of schooling? But as tempting as it is to wing it, do they have an exam coming up, do you want them to have particular skills, do they need particular space, plans, text books. Work out the 5 Ws (Who, What, Where, When and How).

Let your child take part in this decision, as a full-time tutor and consultant I’ve managed to solve the issue of what’s wrong, by turning round and asking the student what’s wrong. Often the student knows the issue and isn’t aware that you don’t. Beyond that including them gives them a sense of ownership and accountability. Instead of saying “You will do two hours of homework a night,” how about asking them do they want to start before or after dinner, do they want to burn off some energy after school first, or do they want to get cracking whilst they’re still in the school mindset?

Look at your goals and see where you can set SMART targets, if you’re struggling then feel free to drop me a message for a no obligation consultation.

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