A new exciting connection.

Connections = learning, and our new connection should lead to a lot of learning. We at Sailing Through School have been focusing on working with other companies to develop their learning platforms. Now we’re striking out on our own to offer our services direct to you. But whilst we’re creating our centre for learning we’ve made a connection of our own. StudyIT UK is a British-based private tuition group that have specialised in tutoring adults, from those brushing up on their basic Maths and English skills, through to matching university undergraduates with lecturers and postgraduate students to tutor them through the parts of their courses that are stopping them graduating. Now they want to strike out on line, and our two groups share some connections so it made sense that they’d be offering our online¬†tuition services.

So what do you get?

Tutors that work with adults, do you know that learning increases drastically if you feel you’re being respected. Most tutors work with children and don’t even mean to talk down to their students.

Experts in their subjects, all of whom have been vetted in their teaching style.

More than just one session where an hour seems to equal 50 minutes. For the same price as some firms charge for just 1 hour we offer two 40 minute sessions and help between the sessions in the form of worksheets and feedback. All this for just $70/£45.

Friendly welcoming tutors that know learning isn’t easy, and what some people master early on may be a genuine problem for others. Trust us, we don’t judge.

No complicated software or classrooms to log into. No concern about paying money to a strange website. Instead we conduct all our lessons via Skype and we accept PayPal.

Contact us now via email to arrange a free no obligation chat via Skype to discuss your requirements.

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